Curious how we live our DNA in Barco?

We develop, coach, and therefore inspire our employees through several dedicated training programs. It's our very own Barco University who's the driver of lifelong learning at Barco. Whether it's a technical product training or a workshop to enhance other skills, whether it's a 1 on 1 coaching session or a virtual training with an entire team spread across the world: all these learning opportunities have their place in Barco's continuous learning culture.  

By promoting also internal career moves and with the help of some career counseling initiatives, we also offer career development opportunities for our employees. In that way, we give employees the chance to build out their unique career path within the company. 

  • We think with the customer

    Our customer is everywhere. It's our end-users, our resellers, our colleagues who depend on us to deliver. We prioritize customer value & experience in everything we do. To do so, we embrace our suppliers & partners as part of our eco system. We are empowered to explore ideas beyond today's market needs. We look for scalable & innovative solutions that add value for our customer, be it an internal or an external customer.  That's how we live our DNA. 

  • We team up to win, globally

    We build the best team to take the leap from ideas to proof points, to execution. We truly understand what it is we want to achieve together. We regard diversity of background, experience, and skills as our strength. We focus on helping each other, across regions & functions, to reach our goals. We celebrate success together and have fun while getting there. That's how we live our DNA. 

  • We look for the better way

    Continuous improvement brings us where it matters. We are creative & stay curious. We reflect, coach, share to be the leader in our markets. We take time to learn from each other, our mistakes, and the world around us. We challenge ourselves and the status quo. We take down obstacles and don't fear change. That's how we live our DNA. 

  • We own our results

    We get energy from moving forward and winning. We agree on goals and bring together the means to drive for full implementation, in a decisive & transparent way. We include the right people at the right time to make the best call along the journey. We are self-empowered to make a positive impact. That's how we live our DNA. 

Sustainability at Barco

At Barco, we have a big heart for people and we support our local community in any way we can. Each year, several Barco regions organize the Barco Play Day and open our doors for underprivileged children, giving them an unforgettable day filled with lots of fun activities. Our heart also goes out to our employees. We invest in sustainable employability by encouraging our employees to learn and develop themselves in a healthy and inclusive workplace. 

At the same time, we also care about the environment. We believe in growing our company while also safeguarding the future of our planet. An ambition which is translated in our sustainable development goals which aims to significantly lower our own environmental footprint and that of our customer. Read more about these targets in our Sustainability Report.