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Kortrijk, BE

Date:  Jan 5, 2023
Job ID:  4061

Internship: Software Student for Media team

As an international company with European roots (HQ in Kortrijk, Belgium), Barco has a culture of collaboration across borders and nationalities.

Because we believe diversity leads to more great ideas and drives innovation.

Thanks to our over 3,000 visioneers, we develop unique visualization & collaboration technology that helps professionals accelerate innovation in the healthcare, enterprise and entertainment markets.

About Barco Enterprise

The Barco Enterprise devision is at the forefront of innovations in the context of Barco's digital transformation. Specifially, the Connected Media group develops a state-of-the-art, professional cloud software platform to securely process and distribute real-time, high-end media from a large number of sources towards a multitude of visualization points. Real-life applications where this platform is being used are e.g. digital operating rooms in large hospitals, interactive classrooms in business schools and unversities, large control rooms...


What am I going to do?


In control room, the display render nodes (NDN-220, OPS-220, OPS-110, SAN-50) decode a variety of source types and render them into a certain composition on the display wall or operator’s desk. Several types of network video sources are supported: security cameras, KVM encoded sources, VNC and RDP sources. Especially for the overview display wall it’s important to support a high source density, which means a lot of sources are decoded concurrently and put in an overview on the display. This leads to the request of having clear performance specifications of the Barco display render nodes. How many sources (HD or UHD) can be decoded concurrently without losing performance in terms of latency or smoothness of the rendered video. Currently a large set of manual tests verifying several combinations is ran at each release of the render node software to verify the specified performance. The goal of this internship is to automate this process.


This internship will extend the CoCo video test framework, implemented in the OCS media team in Barco. CoCo is based on pytest (Python 3.9). It currently already has support to load video compositions using the API of the render node, to get diagnostics of the decoding pipelines on the render node and to verify the latency and frame rate at the output of the render node using an automated content analysis. During this internship you will need to extend these python methods focussing on performance verification. Pytests need to be added to verify the performance boundaries of the different hardware types in combination with the number of displays attached. Automatic performance reports need to be generated. The end goal is to integrate these tests to the continuous integration tests running every day on the latest software build of the render node, so regressions in terms of performance are immediately  notified to the development team.



What do we expect from you?

  • Be able to work in a team
  • Be able to report status, issues, progress to a team
  • Have a good understanding of clean code practices
  • Have a good understanding of object oriented way of programming
  • Be able to cope with constructive feedback



What can you expect from us

  • Working together with a large team of experts
  • Daily feedback, code review
  • Working in a nice environment with fun colleges
  • A nice reference on your CV
  • Experience the life of a software developer in an agile team


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