Team Lead Quality Inspection

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Date: Jun 11, 2024

Location: Wuxi, CN

Company: Barco

Key Responsibilities:


  • Define/update inspection plan based on the characteristics of the received goods (materials) and the level of arrival to ensure that the inspected units meet the requirements of product and quality specifications. 根据到货物料的特性和到货水平,制定/更新相应的检验计划,以确保被检验单位符合产品和质量规范的要求。
  • Train IQC inspectors to improve their operational skills, quality awareness, and abilities including but not limited on using inspection tools/gauges. 培训IQC检查员,以提高他们的操作技能(包括但不限于使用检查工具/量具),质量意识和能力。
  • Plan and coordinate QC inspectors’ daily activities, complete tasks on quality & on time. 每天计划和协调检验员的检验任务,按时保质完成当天工作。
  • To ensure safekeeping of the inspection data, quality records and relevant documents; inspection equipment/tools/gauges maintenance as required. 根据公司规定妥善保管检测数据、质量记录和相关文件; 检查设备/工具/仪表按要求维护和保养。
  • For supplier issues detected in IQC, work with SQE to initialize the supplier defect handling process; work together with cross functions if any concern. 对于IQC发现的供应商问题,与SQE合作,启动供应商缺陷处理流程;当有任何疑问时,与内部相关部门合作解决问题。
  • To implement and support quality works;or other tasks allocated by Quality Manager. 执行和支持质量工作,或质量经理分配的其它任务。


Qualifications & Requirements:


  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivolent work experiences as Quality Inspection Leader/Supervisor). 本科学历(或等同质检主管工作经验)。
  • Minimum 5 years+ rich inspection experience on mechanical/electronics/die- casting/plastic/optical parts. 5年以上机械/电子/压铸/塑料/光学零件质检经验。
  • English reading and writing abilities. 基本英语读写能力。
  • ISO9001 or IATF16949 certificates will be a plus. 有ISO9001或IATF16949质量体系经验优先考虑。
  • ERP: SAP will be a plus. 会使用SAP系统优先考虑。

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