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Background of Barco Healthcare:

Barco develops high-precision medical display systems to bring enhanced visualization and diagnosis across the healthcare enterprise, including radiology, mammography, surgery, pathology, clinical review imaging and dentistry. Barco's full line of color and grayscale diagnostic displays, display controllers and softcopy Quality Assurance (QA) tools facilitate confident diagnoses while guaranteeing perfect image quality over time and across displays. Next to this Barco is also an important player in the Digital OR market with the Barco NEXXIS platform, a unique image management solution that builds on the IP network to ensure complete integration of all devices in and beyond the operating room.

Goal & Description of the project:
Barco Healthcare is continuously searching how the work of physician be made more efficient and how they can be supported in making the correct diagnosis. These are two very important factors when developing new products and visualization solutions.
A way to make readings of doctors more efficient and to support them in their diagnosis is by applying image processing algorithms to enhance the visibility of features in medical images.
To design and implement more efficiently these image processing methods, several libraries have been designed to abstract away the complexity of usual graphical API (DirectX, OpenGL, Vulkan, WebGL).
As an intern your work will be to develop a validation framework able to run automatically a set of test units for all the libraries, to uniformize the different versions and to continue the implementation of new modules to answer the needs of different ongoing projects.

You will also be fully integrated to the R&D team and contribute actively to the development of state-of-the-art video pipelines for medical applications.

About internships at Barco:
The Technology and Innovation group of Barco Healthcare specialises in designing, testing and validating new display technologies and imaging system components specifically for life-critical healthcare applications.
Internships within the Technology and Innovation group consist of 3 to 6 months working fulltime in the lab environment, interacting with the multi-national, multi-disciplinary R&D teams.
During your internship you will be guided by our engineers who are world-experts in the field of medical display image quality. You will have the possibility to work together with them to bring the future to today’s medical imaging technology.
You will also have the opportunity to contribute to cutting edge research by applying your technical knowledge, and you will have ample opportunity and support for developing your industrial writing and presentation skills.

We are a lively and international group, including nationalities from Europe and around the world. Our past interns have come from a variety of countries, including students from Belgium, France, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Lithuania and even Indonesia.


Required Skills:

-      Knowledge of Python and/or C/C++
-      Experience with scripting and automation

-      Interest for graphical API (OpenGL, DirectX, Vulkan…) is a plus



Also, you …

-      Have an open and enthusiastic attitude
-      Are creative
-   Have an analytical and methodical thinking and way of working
-   Can write and speak English

Software Programming, Image Processing, Software Architecture



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