Want to join Barco as an engineer? Or better yet, a visioneer?

Designing new products and software. Improving operational processes. Digitalisation. Automation. There are many ways you can use your engineering talents at Barco. From R&D to manufacturing and logistics. You name it, we probably cover it. 

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Automation Engineering

Software Engineering

Two main reasons to join Barco


Jumpstart your career.

Become a future visioneer at Barco!

Our People


As soon as you get on board, you’ll find a great team of dedicated people.

Passionate about technology, willing to make an impact. And driven by inspiring leaders who understand that innovation never stops. Who guide Barco through a continuous evolution.

And together create a great place to work.

Our Technology


Barco is enriching lives in the field of entertainment, healthcare and enterprise solutions.

Our technology portfolio has made us a global leader over the years.

That’s why we call ourselves visioneers.

We engineer great technology, but always start from a vision that helps people and society.

What's in it for you?

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Title Job Domain Location
Internship - Power switch with remote/local control and high endurance Engineering Kortrijk, BE
Internship: Embedded Neural Network-Based Modality Detection for Medical Displays Engineering Kortrijk, BE
Global Component Engineer
Global Component Engineer Nov 17, 2023 0.00 mi
Engineering Suzhou, CN
Product Validation Engineer - EMC
Product Validation Engineer - EMC Nov 17, 2023 0.00 mi
Engineering Kortrijk, BE
Process Engineer
Process Engineer Nov 15, 2023 0.00 mi
Engineering Wuxi, CN
Internship: Field Monitoring
Internship: Field Monitoring Nov 15, 2023 0.00 mi
Engineering Kortrijk, BE
Internship: Mechanical design of curved display with focus of DFA Engineering Kortrijk, BE
Internship: Study of different panel technologies for use in curved applications Engineering Kortrijk, BE
Internship: Study and design a driving algorithm for a multizone LCD LED backlight. Engineering Kortrijk, BE
Automation Engineer
Automation Engineer Nov 8, 2023 0.00 mi
Engineering Wuxi, CN
Careers in Embedded Software Engineering Engineering Kortrijk, BE +1 more…
ASRS Engineer
ASRS Engineer Nov 2, 2023 0.00 mi
Engineering Wuxi, CN
Senior Automation Engineer
Senior Automation Engineer Nov 1, 2023 0.00 mi
Engineering Kortrijk, BE