Want to be our next visioneer?

Let's hear it from our operations team!

Operations is where the magic happens. Our R&D colleagues design truly bright outcomes, we design what is needed to manufacture these outcomes and to bring them to life. 

The beating heart of operations is manufacturing, but it is more than manufacturing alone, it’s also about industrialization, logistic buying, planning, quality, operational excellence, depot repair, warehousing, facilities, ... It’s just one of the great benefits of working in the operations team: there are plenty of entry positions where there is room to grow and advance your career. Another huge benefit is that you see the outcome of your work in a tangible, high-technology product.

Are you strong in numbers, in technics, in coaching of people or in... you name it and we will have a job in Operations in which you can let your talent shine!


“As an industrialization engineer, I am the intermediary between manufacturing and R&D and with our team we contribute to new product introductions in Operations. While working closely with our engineers, our first focus is on ensuring that our designs can be manufactured in the best possible way.  We optimize the industrialization of a product, for instance by designing additional tools to support the operator or by initiating design modifications in terms of ergonomics or manufacturability.

For me it’s a great job, the fun part being the creativity and hands-on mentality!”

Julie, Industrialization Engineer Mechanics

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Title Job Domain Location
Onderhoudstechnieker productie
Onderhoudstechnieker productie Apr 4, 2024 0.00 mi
Manufacturing Kortrijk, BE
Repair Specialist Projectoren
Repair Specialist Projectoren Apr 1, 2024 0.00 mi
Manufacturing Kortrijk, BE
Industrialization Project Leader 1
Industrialization Project Leader 1 Mar 27, 2024 0.00 mi
Manufacturing Suzhou, CN