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For over 80 years now, innovation and technology have been the cornerstone of Barco. We focus on a wide-range of display technology, high-end and mid-segment projection models, connectivity platforms which are software enabled, including networking and cloud-based capibilities, and image processing tools. To turn this into best-in class products for our customers, we rely on a team of engineers with expertise in mechanics, electronics, optics and (embedded) software.


"My journey at Barco started a bit over 4 years ago. I was fresh out of school and joined one of the software development teams. Overwhelmed by all the different practices and techniques used, I followed some internal training on latest C++ features, TCP/IP, etc. Thanks to these investments I was quickly able to deliver a meaningful contribution to the team. A year into working for Barco I had the chance to work on a new project, which started for me in Taipei, testing our software stack on the custom designed hardware. From these very early steps of the project untill the current software maintenance has been quite the journey, but one I have always been happy to undertake together with my colleagues." 

Bob, Senior Software Development Engineer



"As a Senior Software Engineer on the ClickShare team, I face many challenges every day. By trying out new solutions and checking the technical possibilities, you get to make the product even better and more user friendly. This makes the job really rewarding by getting to show your family and friends what you have been working on." 


Melanie, Senior Software Development Engineer





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Title Job Domain Location
Software tester Cinema
Software tester Cinema Jul 22, 2024 0.00 mi
Software Kortrijk, BE
Junior C++ Application Software Developer Software Kortrijk, BE
Software Engineer
Software Engineer Jul 10, 2024 0.00 mi
Software Kortrijk, BE
DevOps Engineer
DevOps Engineer Jul 9, 2024 0.00 mi
Software New Taipei City, TW
Full Stack Cloud Developer
Full Stack Cloud Developer Jul 7, 2024 0.00 mi
Software Noida, IN
Sr. Desktop Application Developer
Sr. Desktop Application Developer Jul 5, 2024 0.00 mi
Software New Taipei City, TW
Senior Software Development Engineer Software Kortrijk, BE
Technical Analist
Technical Analist Jul 3, 2024 0.00 mi
Software Kortrijk, BE
Software Engineer
Software Engineer Jul 3, 2024 0.00 mi
Software Kortrijk, BE
R&D Manager Software
R&D Manager Software Jun 29, 2024 0.00 mi
Software Kortrijk, BE
Sr. Software Engineer, Android Framework Software New Taipei City, TW